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Welcome one, welcome all, to the walkthrough section of our guide. This is the real meat of our guide, with detailed information on getting through each and every chapter in the game, from start to finish. Not only do we detail the steps you need to take to get through any mission, but we also have located each and every treasure in the game. Those treasures are interspersed throughout the walkthrough in appropriate places, sequentially listed in the order they're found at the specific time they're found. Sweet, right?

There isn’t much time to relax when you live the life of a treasure hunter. The ever-imperiled Nathan Drake is at it again, traveling the globe, searching for a lost artifact, and trying not to get shot, all for the sake of his noble (saving humanity) and selfish (impressing a lady) ambitions. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves doesn’t veer far from the great formula established by Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but a few tweaks and a strong focus on details make this a better game in every way.