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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves isn't without its difficulties. Nate will encounter plenty of resistance on his journey, not only from armed thugs, but from puzzles as well. That's where our guide comes in. Our Gameplay Basics section will hold your hand through the game's fundamentals and finer points, while our Walkthrough will get you through each and every chapter in the game, with treasure locations included. The Treasures section doubles up on the walkthrough's knowledge, with each treasure location uncovered, while our Weapons section outlines the myriad firearms available for use.

Welcome one, welcome all, to the walkthrough section of our guide. This is the real meat of our guide, with detailed information on getting through each and every chapter in the game, from start to finish. Not only do we detail the steps you need to take to get through any mission, but we also have located each and every treasure in the game. Those treasures are interspersed throughout the walkthrough in appropriate places, sequentially listed in the order they're found at the specific time they're found. Sweet, right?